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Vadym developed a great passion for music during his early years of violin studies. While attending the Kiev Academy of Music, he traveled to many international festivals, cultivating a great interest in the visual arts, especially painting and drawing.


The discovery of early music led him to embark on a new path to Western Europe. During his studies at the Schola Cantorum in Basel, he deepened his knowledge of historicist interpretation and performed numerous concerts worldwide.


Following his move to Madrid in 2019, Vadym is immersed in the musical life of Spain, regularly sharing the stage with diverse groups including La Guirlande and El Tiento Nuovo.


In addition, the young musician continues to maintain a close relationship with France and Switzerland, where he performs with various artists such as his musical duo with Amandine Beyer, the ensemble Gli Incógniti, Le Banquet Celeste, and the Collegium 1704 orchestra conducted by Vaclav Luks.


One of his latest projects as founder and artistic director of Infermi d'Amore consists of recording several unpublished violin concertos of the Venetian school.


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